Templates aren't in alpha order

I wasn’t sure which template to use as I want to focus on learning how to make files for 3D printing and didn’t know whether or not to use construction or architectural because there appeared to be no 3D because someone decided to put it last. In alpha sort order numbers are supposed to proceed letters, not follow them. Putting 3D at the tail end suggests it’s an afterthought and makes one wonder at the quality thereof, thereby.

The order of the templates is in no way a commentary on the quality of any of them. The 3D print templates are the newest ones. The others have been around longer.

What sort of quality difference do you think there might be between templates anyway?

The wise SketchUp user takes a supplied template and makes suitable changes before saving it as his own custom template.

Install the new version. First thing you need to do is select a template. 3D templates are new in this version. Being at the tail end of the list is counter-intuitive for the new user of this new version.

ALL the templates are 3D. SketchUp is a 3D application, there is no way to limit your “drawing” to “2D” by using a special template. The 3D Printing templates include an useless 3D print volume mockup component that you will have to remove if you are actually going to 3D print your design. So, in a way, there is a quality difference, with the worst coming last. But to complete the picture, the completely blank templates should be put first. I always use them, even if I seldom “document” anything.



Yes, I know all the templates are 3D (I am a casual Sketchup user for several versions now; used it to model the wall I built in my kitchen, for example, and Sketchup operates in 3D, not 2D; 3 quarters of machining, CNC etc., in school, using Mastercam, make me aware of that), but the ones intended for 3D ***PRINTING*** are new. When they are placed at the end of the list, to the new user (just installed) of this new version, how am I 'supposed to know' that there even are templates for 3D printing? Putting the templates in alpha order - all the 3D printing templates at the beginning, where they belong alphabetically, facilitates finding them to begin with.

There's no reason to maintain a non-intuitive order to the templates when choosing one.

Written like someone who thinks the vast majority of users will be doing 3D printing. In fact, the majority of SketchUp users are not using it for 3D printing. And in reality, there’s no requirement to one of those 3D Printing templates even if you do want to do 3D printing. For an architect the order is intuitive as it is.

They load in alpha-numeric order. If it’s such a big problem to have those templates show up at the bottom of the list, rename them so they load first.

As Anssi wrote, the 3D Printing Templates include a large, heavy component representing a 3D printer. It doesn’t really serve a useful purpose. It does bloat the template file size to 10 times or more the size of the other templates.

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