Tell what steps were taken when designing?

Hello! Teacher here…

Is there a way to break down what steps were taken when designing something. I would like to see what steps the student took for 2 reasons:

  1. troubleshoot when something is wrong.
  2. make sure they really created it themselves and not copying it from someone else… :frowning:


A SketchUp file only contains the results, it does not contain any history of how they were created. So, if the student submits a .skp file to you, no, there is no way to tell. If the model is still live in SketchUp you could repeatedly undo to walk backward through the operations they invoked. There is a limit to the size of the undo stack, so this won’t get a very complex model back to ground zero. Also, it doesn’t capture keyboard input, so if an issue involved entering a wrong value you will only see the result.

Thats what I thought… Thank you!

@coachd What are they designing?

You could ask them to record a screen cast of their workflow. That way you could analyze the way the design has being done.

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although you might not be able to identify all the steps they took, it is often possible to do some forensics and identify certain processes and if you know their skill level, you might be able to identify content they didn’t make. I often do this kind of thing when I’m helping users who are having problems. There is sometimes quite a lot of information present if you know how to look for it.

Fast check is Window-> Model info ->credits . Here you can find information on authors credits if they downloaded something from the 3D warehouse. Even if they exploded it , information could still pop-up when they didn’t Purge the model or didn’t put the Geometry that was left after exploding on Layer0.