Tell me why it works badly

I was making some object and it was selected.
I didn’t touch any keyboard, but it deleted soon.
It wasn’t problem of keyboard and mouse.
Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Z…
it makes me really tired

Then don’t use it. You’re complaining about something that is free? Wow!

What did you expect it to do?

It’s impossible from your video to see exactly what you did but I’m sure there is a logical reason for what you see. If you gave a better description of what is going on it would be easier to diagnose the problem. Share the .skp file with us to so we can have a look.

By the way, that looks like an interesting project. What is it. Seems like you have an unusual hobby there.


Looks like a big professional kitchen or food processing plant to me.

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Still it works not good sometimes. Desapear again automaticaly the objects selected.
Then I reboot my PC.
Before I use pro version of this program, I wanted to know about it.

It was kitchen remodeling project of small education center where I am working.
Thanks to tell me kindly.

Or a meth lab?

Very close. Culinary Certification Support Center.

Fair enough…IF the problem is with the software and not the user. We do see bugs reported here but most often it is user error. But what we also often see is inexperienced users who assume the problem is not them and end up blaming the tool. Let’s hope that’s not the case here.

As I asked more than three weeks ago, share the .skp file with us so we can see what you are working with.

Using the free web-based version as a test of the pro version doesn’t make any sense at all.