Telescope Extension

Is there an extension that simulates looking through a telescope? I’m looking for one for some… experiments…

Like FredoTools Edgeinspector?
Or the Windows native Magnifier?

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I’ll take a look at those!

I’m not sure what you are referring to with the edge inspector, I didn’t notice any zoom-like functions, but Fredo’s UIs are always hard for me to understand.

I don’t think Windows magnifier will work because while the size of the image increases, the fidelity does not.



Ah… let me see if it can do something like 100x.

Edit: It goes to 5000x!!

I could look at the lunar lander!

Actually, it does not suit my needs.

So I have a skyscraper brought in, and I put it pretty far away, but when I zoom in I get this:

I didn’t realize it just shows geometry without textures.