Teak Folding Chairs

A little idle time SketchUp practice. Based on a folding chair from Italy, c. 1970.


Interesting chairs. I wonder how comfortable they are.

I like the way you have shown them in several different positions. Would be interesting to animate with Fredo’s Animator plugin.

I wondered about that, too. I measured the seat depth and found it to be about the same as some chairs we have. The chairs are quite tall and I expect you’d mostly lean against the angled part. Or maybe these chairs are intended for people who actually sit up instead of slouching. :slight_smile:

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How is the seat part held in place when you sit on it? To me it looks like any weight applied to the front edge of the seat would make it trip over. Or is there a hidden compromise?


Maybe this explains it?

Yep. If there are no notches to hold the parts together, you might still have to be rather careful when moving in it to prevent the legs from sliding apart inadvertently.

I seem to remember several occasions with an ordinary deck chair deciding to fold itself flat under me or a near relative.


I see what you mean. I found more photos of the chairs and edited the model to show the solution to that problem. I put it in my previous post.

I am assuming that it is a DC that folds itself up on Interact… :wink:

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You know what assume does. :smiley: