Teaching Sketchup at a local woodworking store

So now Sketchup is impossible to teach at your local Woodstore. You are ALL regulated by the speed of the WiFi at the store and let me tell you. 10 people trying to work SketchUp through the browser is impossible to say the least. I spent more time running from computer to computer trying to explain download speed to a bunch of very angry old people and now I swear I will NEVER teach Sketchup again. I guess old people are not something Trimble cares about. It’s a money thing you know? At least with the Make Version I could get them up and working on something, now all I do is teach computer use instead of What these people paid for, learning how to use a “free” program.

Too bad you didn’t have them install Sketchup 2017 Make before the class or at least at the beginning. I’d have done that for a class especially where there’s dubious wifi availability. I’d have provided the link in the course description and I would have put both Mac and Windows versions of the installer on a couple or three memory sticks for those who don’t already have it installed.

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You know what happens if you do that? Trimple posts a message to “upgrade” and the first thing they do is upgrade… So there goes the first hour of class time, trying to get the computers back to what they can use.

I guess I haven’t had that problem when I’m teaching SketchUp classes.

It it hard to keep your eyes on ten people at a time when they first come in. I even tried turning off the wifi, but then they can’t buy anything because it’s all tied together. I would say, you haven’t had that problem YET… :slight_smile: And it really only takes one person to mess it all up. because then everyone else is waiting, and futsing with stuff.

Hopefully the students in your next class will follow your directions better.

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I’ve found with high school students, I can spend my time running frantically form one to the next because kids won’t listen to lectures or instructions. They just dive in, start doing stuff, get in trouble and then all need individual help. It gets chaotic. Next week I have a class of adults which I will attempt to lead through a lesson the traditional way. We’ll see. They’ll be using the SU Pro demo.

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Great Idea! I do not want to get them stuck on a subscription if they don’t want one, but maybe when they get home they can switch over to the browser one. This just seems like a way to get people signed up that really do not want to, because they do not understand the whole subscription thing… I have seen it in woodworking magazines over and over. at one time I had 4 subscriptions to the same magazine. They just kept stacking the years on without telling me. And browser programs suck the big one, they are always so slow, I HATE working at a dumb terminal! They should have kept Make at least. That way it is on your computer and you can use it when you go camping and places where there is no wifi!