Tax Engineering v10.9

Hello guys, I`m happy to announce my extension update

Update: Update check, settings, toolbar, sound effects.

DESCRIPTION: Along path features, mechanical parts, color harmony pallete, SU links +other utilities.

• Displacer;
• Follow Rotate Scale;
• Railway along;
• Mariner chain Along;
• Roller chain Along;
• Bicycle wheel;
• Spur gear;
• Adjustable suspension;
• Spheric spring;
• Linear spring;
• Color pallete; (color harmony tool)
• Remove materials;
• Disguise pattern;
• Agroup by loose;
• Multiple push pull;
• SU links; (SU related web links)
• Selection report;
• Vray alarm;
• Edge groups;
• Del faces;
• Remove instance names;


Sketchucation forum link: (Tax_Engineering v10.8 [plugin update] • sketchUcation • 1)

Requirements: [Windows or Mac | SU17+]

Available on:

Support tax: (Donate)



It doesn’t seem to be available for Mac.

Yes sir, thats correct. It’s not available for mac. (edit: it now is!)
line 39 of the loader file is blocking it for running:

if (@Sket_Version < @Min_Version) || (Sketchup.platform != :platform_win) then raise; end

The reason why is simple compatibility.
I’m not a mac user and since I’m a novice developer, I’m not rlly aware of all implications of coding for mac.
So in order to prevent unkown issues such even a bugsplat, I decided to limit my code.

Its easy to change that, just delete that line 39 and reload.
ps: I can’t pomisse it will work at all but you can try, but anyways make sure saving your project.

Maybe I change that in the future as I get more experience on SU rb API…
thx for your attention on it,

New update brings some presets:

Planning to do the same for roller chain, spur gear and bicycle wheel.

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Roller chain presets added:

Mariner chain presets is based on RUD’s catalog
Roller chain presets is based on FENNER’s catalog

Why? you may ask.
A: Bc between all I’ve found, their was the most complete and detailed catalogues.

Let me know if you guys find any bugs.
Now planning gears and wheels presets.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Spur gear presets added: (based on KHK gears’s catalog)

It still needs some work on verifications step, but Its getting there.
After that, here comes wheel presets.

Feel free to suggest witch tool/feature you would like to see.
Cya :v:

96 Bicycle wheel presets added: based on mixed web infos.
(Also fixed spur gear verifications.)

There’s almost 5k download! thx yall :slight_smile:
obs: EW should also show us some stats :confused:

I’m still planning something special to celebrate it.
cya guys :v:

Improved some terminology & allowed Mac users.

I decided to allow Mac users since a friend was able to test it and it seems to run fine.
Even so I let an alert at installation (for mac) to always save the project as precaution.

Thanks to Trans-Galactic Express :v:

Update checker, settings, toolbar, sound effects, bug fixes.

Docs comming in v11.0! :v: