Tape Measure Tool doesn't retain measurement

SU Pro 19.3.252, MacBook Pro 10.15 Catalina. I am not sure when I first noticed this behavior, but it is a somewhat recent change. When I use the TM tool and get to the end of the measurement and release the mouse button, the actual measurement is lost and replaced by the coordinates of the mouse. It is good to have that information, but the query tool already provides this information. It is annoying since if I happen to not memorize the measurement and get a pen to write it down, then it is lost and I have to do it again. I want the old TM tool behavior since the new behavior duplicates something available elsewhere. Any thoughts?

Thank you, RLGL, I appreciate that you are a Windows user and still keep track of the Mac releases. SU Pro 19.3.252 contains updates for Catalina, so the older warnings should no longer apply (this happened in the last couple days). JOOC, does your Windows TM tool exhibit the behavior I was complaining about?

Yes. As soon as you move the cursor away from the end point, the Length (VCB) field clears.
(It doesn’t matter even if we use click+move+click. The length only stays until the mouse is moved.)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This behavior change isn’t new to SU2019.3 or Catalina. What you’re describing changed between SU2017 and SU2018. Note that if the tape measure tool is active, and you hover over an edge, face, etc, the corresponding measurement will be displayed (in the VCB and near the cursor).