Taking a DFX file and conforming it to the Axis?

I own a solar company and use a drone to measure some of our more complex roof lines. The drone is very accurate with its measurements (up to 99%). When we get the report back we can download a PDF with all of the measurements of the various roof surfaces. From here I typically use the measurements and design a to scale 3D model of the house and fit the panels accordingly. This is relatively easy with a simple home, but rather complex with larger homes with multiple hip roofs. I have the ability of downloading a DFX file of the measurements which I figured could be used to model the house with ease. The problem is the measurements from the drone are not perfectly square and if I trace them in Sketch Up they are not recognized as shapes.

My question is - is there anyway to tell the imported model to conform, or adjust is measurements so they conform with the current axis, as close as possible. OR is there another way I could go about using these DFX files, as I have not found a way for them to be useful in Sketch Up. I’m open to any and all suggestions!

I have attached a model with both a flattened and non flatted version of a recent scan. You can see this roof is quite complex.

Thanks! Example.skp (290.0 KB)