Tags name sorting 2020, no longer ASCII?

Just noticed a change in the sorting logic of the Tags/Layers window. I suspect this was changed in 19 but I skipped it and went from 18 to 20 so I’m just seeing it. I used to keep numerical order by adding a space before single digit numbers. Opening the same files in 2020 they list out of order, removing the space fixies it. Beyond having to rename Tags once (no big deal) I am curious if there is a list of the current sorting logic, a hierarchy of symbols. Feels easier now if the new sorting logic recognizes that 2 comes before 10.

Interesting layer names there :)…
I have always used 01,02 convention to get the order sequential…
. hopefully 2020 does not impact this

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I have just discovered the same thing. The new sort order also eliminates leading 0’s. I am used to the ascii sort so that layer 009 precedes layer 010. I now have to rename dozens of layers in my model–once I figure out a scheme that will work in '16 and '20!

The new “natural” order has indeed required some adjustments for me, but I do find that the order respects 0’ as proceeders for sorting order. Adding a zero moves a Tag up in the sort order, and 009 does come before 010 for me in SU20. Does your version not sort like this?