Tags missing from template when copying from Sketchup 2022 to 2023

I have copied and pasted my templates from 2022 to 2023 template folders. But when I open the template all the saved tags attached to the template have disappeared???

How did you copy and paste them?

What do you see if you simply open the template from its original location in SU2023? Are the tags present then?

Hi Dave

These are my custom templates and I have copied them from the 2022 template folder into the 2023 template folder. When I open a drawing or a new sketchup file (right click sketchup icon/ open new sketchup file/ my templates) in 2023 using my custom template no tags are there??
However, if I open the pasted template directly from the 2023 template file the tags are there.


Not to seem stupid , but clearly am. I just dragged the tag box to enlarge it and there they all are!!!


it’s friday, you’re allowed to brainfart.


We’ve all have being through something similar. Who hasn’t been lookin for something that was already in your hands.

There are several reported issues with the inspector panels not updating correctly or even displaying after application startup.

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