TAGS Collapsed/Expanded, saved per scene

This maybe a feature request but before I do…

Any way to have the Tags tree/layout saved per scene?

I have a lot of groups. It would be nice for example, to have the relevant group/s expanded with all others collapsed saved in the relevant scene. So I am not having to do so each time I switch scenes.

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Interesting idea. I wonder what you’d have to do to let SketchUp know which are the relevant groups.

I have no idea. I’m not a programmer but I suspect there isn’t a natural link in place.

But I am always looking for workflow improvements and this would be a significant contributor.

Presumably you would need a link between the display properties of the tags window and the scene tab (which doesn’t currently exist).

I can see that this could be useful for some but I can also see it being something that would annoy others quite a lot.

I’d guess there’d be some sort of pop up window when a group is created to give you an opportunity to identify if the group is relevant to a scene. And you’re probably right. Those users who won’t use components because they don’t want to be bothered with the Create Component window really won’t like it when they get a pop up while creating groups.

Or could you in theory have another column in the tags window entitled “relevant to scene”? By default, it would be turned on but you could selectively turn them off scene by scene.

One would just need an option to ‘isolate layers per scene’
And ‘Show all’

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