Tags and Outliner

I am cleaning my model by following parent and child with Tags and outliner.
While I crearte Tags families and associate in outliner all the subs associated with the Tag,
often the the Tag “Tilte” disapears. This is very frustrating. The project I am working on is relatively big with lots of subs and I just lost about 20% of the project. Where can we find all the subs? Should I save with a new file name every 10 minutes?
“Help” would be appreciated.

What do you mean by “subs”?

What is a “Tilte”?

I expect that things are fixabled but it depends on a lot of things about your model. If you were to share the .skp file it would be much easier to give you guidance.

It is a Title…with the beans before the frank, :dizzy_face:

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I created Tags 00 Master; 01 Kitchen; 02 Dining room; 03 Main entry; 04 Rooms ;and so on.

Created Outliner 00 Master, Foundation, Outside wall, windows & doors, stairways. 01 Kitchen, wals “color”, counter, fridge , access, central counter , so on
I have about 45 subs.
I am keeping a excell file to follow. It happened a few times the Tags “titles” disapear with a smal ‘o’ if there is only 1 gone I could follow in my excell file But this time it went bad and I lost a few in 1 shot.
My outliner the titles disapeared also leaving empty lines and aI cannot associate.

Désolé My friend !
I was Going to make a screenshot and the Outliner whent blank I clicked and “surprise”
everything came back!

Could be. I’ve learned to try not to assume anything anymore.

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