Tag tool on tags panel focus

so if I use the tag tool from the tools panel I can click right away to use that tool. But chances are that I have been inside my tags panel and set a new selected ( target) tag, and I´ve got my my tag tool there also on the top of the panel.

If I click that thou, that dont bring me into model window focus. I have to click once into the window first. So that is one redundant click every time I use that tool.

I suggest that the tag tool on the tag panel is considered a tool button giving direct focus onto the model window, so we can reach the effective modeling intended with this new feature.

I don’t follow.

I’ve just messed around with the tag tool and I’m not having to click in the model window…

it could me a Mac only thing? after all there is a difference for the operating systems, I believe, where on PC you hit return to acknowledge, say, a edit to a tag name, whereas clicking into the model window is the Mac way. Works fine in all other circumstances than where there is a tool-button directly on the panel. And really, that difference between Mac and PC probably does not mean anything anymore, because using return works just as well for a name edit in the Tags palette.

Yes it’s a Mac thing. I will point out the problem to the developers.

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