Tag tool on tags panel focus

so if I use the tag tool from the tools panel I can click right away to use that tool. But chances are that I have been inside my tags panel and set a new selected ( target) tag, and I´ve got my my tag tool there also on the top of the panel.

If I click that thou, that dont bring me into model window focus. I have to click once into the window first. So that is one redundant click every time I use that tool.

I suggest that the tag tool on the tag panel is considered a tool button giving direct focus onto the model window, so we can reach the effective modeling intended with this new feature.

I don’t follow.

I’ve just messed around with the tag tool and I’m not having to click in the model window…

it could me a Mac only thing? after all there is a difference for the operating systems, I believe, where on PC you hit return to acknowledge, say, a edit to a tag name, whereas clicking into the model window is the Mac way. Works fine in all other circumstances than where there is a tool-button directly on the panel. And really, that difference between Mac and PC probably does not mean anything anymore, because using return works just as well for a name edit in the Tags palette.

Yes it’s a Mac thing. I will point out the problem to the developers.


@colin This is still an issue on the Mac and is SUPER frustrating! I’ve had to quit out of the app just to escape the focus of the tags panel on the toolbar. Please, please, please fix :pray:

This quirk should only require one extra click, you should not need to quit the app. What happens if you select any other tool?

Should is the key word here. Selecting any other tool works temporarily, but the focus captures my keyboard, so typing any shortcut just types that letter into the Tag toolbar. :confused:

Huh, the Tags window will capture the focus of the keyboard so shortcuts fail to work. Annoying. But one click on the model space should release it, you should not have to shut down the app.

Agreed, that should be the behavior! But I unfortunately it’s not, one click on the model space does not shift focus. :confused:

This has frustrated me too. I have actually avoided using the tag tool because of this issue.