Tag Folders & Tags

I am wanting to use Tag Folders to create separate saved ‘Layer States’ or possibly views. I know that views can be saved thru the Animation tools. My problem is that certain ‘Layer States’ may utilize some of the same tags that need to be in multiple Tag Folders. When will this be possible to utilize? Can you flip Tags on and off in Multiple Tag Folders to achieve the same thing, or is there a way to have a Master Tag Folder that contains everything and we copy the Tags to each Tag Folder that we have to get the affect that we want.

Examples of Tag Folders or ‘Layer States’ would be Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Roof Plan, Foundation Plan, etc. etc.


What you describe sounds like what one normally uses scenes for.

I Agree, but I think this is also what I think they want to achieve in a different way without crushing your video card and memory. AutoCAD has been using this for years where you could make a custom set of drawings once you have a standard set of layers set up the layers for a certain view and actually save it and name the view for recall at anytime. They call it the Layer States Menu and it works fast.

@drds1111 So what about Scenes is not working for this workflow? Set visibility states for appropriate tags, save as scene. It can have a name and can be recalled at any time.

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Yes it has worked for years that way. but when the models get larger with more detail it slows everything down.

How are scenes with saved layer states any different? I don’t see how it slows things down? Not arguing just perhaps not understanding the trouble. I generate complex models and use scenes with only tag states saved and animation off to switch instantly between collections of tags without disturbing my modeling process.

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Thus is true. But it is independent from saving scenes. In fact, scenes allow you to turn off unnecessary tags which usually speeds things up.