Tablet stylus works with live DVD but not after install

Hi all,

I’m installing the latest, 12.x, on an HP Envy 8 Note. I tried the live operation from the installer DVD, without installing, and everything seemed to work, including the Meko stylus/digitizer, bluetooth, wireless. So, I proceeded to install it. (After a number of failed installs, I got it going and) everything works except the stylus/digitizer.

Is there a configuration option for this? Or, does someone know what I need to install at this point?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @neoply159. Is this a SketchUp question? If so, can you explain what about the issue is a SketchUp Feature Request?

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Moving to Corner bar.

Oddly I had already consigned it to a category of my own.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

I would suggest you explaining what you are trying to accomplish in not so mysterious ways.
From what I am getting, you have a live DVD from a concert of a band called HP Envy and it fails to display after installation of your stylus.
Maybe they are on youtube?


… latest 12.x … of what ?

(SketchUp never had a version 12. It went from v8 to v2013. Current version is 2018.)

SketchUp is not distributed on DVD. Never has been.

We do not understand what “install” you are speaking about !

If you wish to install the SketchUp 3D modeling application, go to the download page.

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