System Edit question

I often use img links from Photobucket because I have lots of workflow gifs and things already stored there and I’m just curious about how they should best be linked.
If I use the standard img tags, or use the upload button it works but I get a notification of a System Edit.
Is there a better way or a more correct way that doesn’t then require the system to edit something?
Or is it simply something that the forum does and I should ignore it?

what happens if you just put the photobucket link with no [img] tags?

the gif you posted appears to be uploaded to this site and not linked to your photobucket.

on a side note… you can also drag&drop images/.skp into this reply box and they’ll upload instead of using the upload button (if using files on your computer)

Without the tags it does this
The thing is Jeff I travel a hell of a lot and am often posting from my phone and I can use photobucket from there.
Uploading from the PC is good when I am there but it limits my answers when mobile.
It’s not actually causing me a problem, I just wanted to know if what I was doing was wrong and if there is a better way.

if i use dropbox, i can just put the public link with no tags…

<img src='/uploads/default/2357/a32f341a28796b15.gif'>

and it does its thing automagically…

that image isn’t uploaded to this site and instead, it’s being linked from my dropbox… i was thinking something similar might happen with photobucket.

so yeah, someone with actual knowledge of the site is going to have to help out here :smile:

Yeah, it’s interesting, not sure why it would feel the need to make a local copy of Photobucket and not dropbox.

From experimentation, it seems to me you can pretty much just drag and drop either the image itself or its url onto the editing window, either from a web page or your computer file manager. If from a web page, the url will then appear at the insertion point and the image will show up in-line in the preview window. If from your computer, the image file will be uploaded (to some server) and its new url placed at the insertion point. No tags are needed, although apparently either html tags or bbcode tags will work. In other words, almost every way you might try to do it seems to work.


hmm… so if i put your same exact link in my reply field, it works.


more clues :wink:

But if I drag this straight from Photobucket it only becomes a link.
whereas using the share link I get this

and in five minutes I will get a notification that the system has edited and made it local.

The thing is tho I’m fine and happy with it, just wasn’t understanding why it was coming back with the system edit each time.

with the box’s box example, i’m getting a different link entirely from your photobucket… i’m just copying the “direct” from your share links there… you posted the first link ; photobucket direct gives me the second one.

<img src='/uploads/default/2360/decf374c165a5d8d.gif'>

this is getting confusing :dizzy: …gonna go get some breakfast :smile:

Yeah, I noticed that as soon as I hit reply, it’s the thumbnail that I dragged off PBucket, you can’t drag the file itself so…enjoy your bacon.

bacon egg swiss tomato - toasted everything :yum:

ok… i see what you’re saying now… (and this thread is going to be extra confusing to someone reading it later instead of real time)

for instance, the dropbox links i posted earlier have been changed and the image is now being hosted locally.

it’s just that in my case, i’m not getting a secondary message telling me about the ‘system edit’… but it appears the system edit is happening on my links as well.

hey @box
one more question out of pure curiosity…
is the system edit notification coming from here or from photobucket?

(just wondering why others aren’t receivieng the edit notification)

It’s a notification in the normal place, the little speech bubble, same as likes, replies and such, a little pencil and the user name system. If you click it it takes you to the two versions of the gif, one before the edit on PB one after the edit uploaded locally. So I guess it’s just part of the forum and how it manages attachments, can’t see it having anything to do with PB.

so finally after all day… i see what you’re talking about. :poop:
i get dense like that at times

those came from the images i was linking to in this thread.

idk, i’ve never noticed them before and i’m going to try to get back on the plan of not noticing them again ; )

but yeah, it appears linked images are uploaded to the local host after 20 minutes or so (if they’re small enough??)… at which point, viewers are fed the local version… then the message sends to you (maybe as a heads up so you can take the pic off your other host if you want??)

i guess it’s pretty cool… at least in 5 years from now, half the early threads won’t be filled with (img-not-found) instead of the pictures which were part of the discussion.

But you got there in the end. It must have been all that bacon and magnetic DCs.
Unless someone who deals with the forum software has an answer I think I’ll take a leaf out of your book and just become blissfully unaware of it. After all, it all works and I was only seeing if there was a better way in the interests of the forum software.