Swapping Dynamic Components


I would like to swap a number of DCs at one go, and checking the help…I should be able to

"Use the Swap Component menu item to swap the currently selected component with another component. For example, use this option to swap all windows of a specific type or manufacturer with windows of another type or manufacturer.

To swap out a series of components:

Select the dynamic components you want to replace. The components are highlighted in the drawing window.

Context-click on one component. The context menu is displayed.
Select Dynamic Components > Swap Component. The Select a SKP dialog box is displayed.
Select the SketchUp file containing the Dynamic Component to replace the currently selected components.
Click the Open button. The new Dynamic Component replaces the previously selected Dynamic Components."

this option is not available, ( I am using a windows platform) I can only change one DC at a time


Hi Philip,

I see the same problem in SketchUp Pro 2015 v15.1.105 Win 32-bit
The Swap Component command doesn’t work as described in the documentation.

If I select one Component > RCC > Dynamic Components > the Swap Component command appears.
If I select two Components > RCC > Dynamic Components > the Swap Component command disappears.

However, the Replaced Selected command in the Components Browser > In Model works just fine when I replace multiple selected components.

I’ll make sure your post is passed to the right folks at Trimble.


Thanks George
I hope that DCs get some attention to resolve a few short comings. these include the 2.54 multiply required for metric use with “current”., the update of LenX,Y,Z when using the scale tool, Matching the units when doing a report (only inches).



At some point Myanmar will go metric.
Then we in USA (including SU) will look even sillier.


While Canada is officially metric, a lot of things are still done in imperial: Construction and anything related to it like furniture design, our heights, and weight of food in grocery stores


I have a Problem with swapping DC’s.

I want to update a DC to have additional attributes, or renamed component names.

My model has fifty Revision1 DC’s in it. I bring in one Revision2 DC component.

For whatever reason, my new Revision2 DC takes on some of the logic and naming of components from Revision1 DC.

Thus making my brand new revised DC component worthless among the fifty Revision1 DC’s. Its almost liek the old one is “imprinting” on the new one.

The only way i can get a Revision2 DC to work, is if i use it in a brand new drawing, or i delete out all of the Revision1 DC’s and purge. But this isn’t feasible as this is sometimes 1000’s of hours of work.

Anyone have a solution?



there is likely some elements not unique, so copy revision 2 within a new
drawing, then make the copy unique and make unique any sup-component or
rename a group, then try importing that in a test case with component
revision 1

can private message a copy of the two DCs if you want, so can check?


Same problem. I can only swap one component at a time as well. SU 2016 Pro Windows 10.


It is a problem with how the DC system works. Whenever an user changes the attributes of a DC in a way that results in other than simple scaling (like hiding parts, or changing the scale of individual parts unequally), a new component definition is created in the In Model section of the component browser. This wouldn’t probably happen if the DC functionality wasn’t an add-on but integrated into the core SketchUp. It is worse if the DC-s contain dynamic subcomponents as shortly the Component browser is cluttered with a zillion definitions.