Survival Horror Game Project - Need realistic architectural designers


Hi, I am designing a game with collaborators online. The game, House of Demons, is an open world survival horror set inside a massive mansion. You can read more about it and see our progress here:

I am not an architect and am struggling to create anything worthwhile. You will be tasked with creating a layout that i can look at to see where everything goes, this will make the building process go 200 times faster. You will have to create a layout of the first floor, second floor, attic, finished basement, and unfinished sub basement (Tunnels). The mansion has to be MASSIVE. Lots of space and room to maneuver around, but has to be realistic looking. You would not be designing the level, just a layout of all the entire mansion, basically like a 3d blueprint, so I can then use the prints as a reference to build it in the game engine. Also I want the mansion to incorporate a lot of different styles and architectural variation, the plans have to be very detailed, all the little architectural details should be there as well, I have some reference pictures of these, and will find more to aid in design. Payment would be post launch compensation.

Also, Please include some pictures of past/current work if possible.

If your interested please contact me at:

Thank you

Chay Hawk


What platform are you going to distribute the game? IOS? PC?


Hi, we are currently only planning a PC release of the game.


Greetings. I may be able to help. I have used SU for some time now and have game dev experience. I began my dev experience back in the TES: Oblivion days. I helped with mods and eventually learned how to make 3D. I also did a lot of world building, as well as other tasks such as lore creation, character developmemt, UI layout, etc. I was also apart of a small group (with people from TES) who started a small dev company. We were also making a game that we called ‘Legend’. It was your typical RPG type game with a mix of TES and WoW. Model creation and world design are my strengths, followed by lore and character design and development. Send me a message if interested and I can provide examples of my work.



Cool project! I just hope this is not ran like DayZ where myself, brothers and friends ( and people around the world who all purchased early access) all helped hand over millions of dollars to DayZ creator Dean (rocket) and then he never finished the game…took the millions from early access sales… with a small incompetent team left.

Dean ruined the people’s trust in early access games. So please give us hope and good luck to your project. Just do the opposite of Dean. Update the community of gamers often, and instead of going on 3 month vacations,actually build the game. (dean actually did that…I was scammed so bad) I learned.