Surfaces disappear while zooming, panning and moving around my model



Once I have built a simple multifaceted model … maybe 16-20 surfaces in all, I found that when I use the mouse to move my view around the model, by zooming, panning, tilting etc, the surfaces disappear, and in some instances, the whole model disappears. I am zoomed out far enough that the whole model should be in view, and yet it is not.


It sounds like you’re running into clipping. You can search the forum and find plenty about it so I won;t bother to rewrite it but try switch the camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents. Make sure your model is not too far from the origin and that you don’t have any stray bits of geometry or text out in the next county somewhere.


Either that or your Graphic card isn’t fully up to the job and the faces are being ignored while you are moving to reduce the effort required to render the model.


Dave, changing camera to Perspective seems to have solved the issue. Thank you for your rapid response.


Glad that worked. Get in the habit of working in Perspective mode. If you want to make images for output using Parallel Projection, that’s fine but do your modeling in Perspective.


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