Surface dial support 2.0

There is no need for this topic other than to get around the auto close “feature”, which shut this down last time without a single reply.

“I would like to be able to program my surface dial (used with my surface book with performance base) to be able to rotate, and pan. If this is already possible, perhaps someone could give ma a pointer as to how to do this.
Thank you.”

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It is just a “single reply” :slight_smile:

I do not have a surface dial, I’m not sure how to program it. It might have a similarity how you program/ (re)assign a mouse buttons e.g. logitech mouse. If so…then my idea:

  • Assign surface dial rotate as mouse wheel up/down for zooming

  • Assign surface dial click as mouse middle click (or middle click toggle) Then probably you can use:

    1. one of your finger on screen move to rotate
    2. two of your finger on screen move to pan