Surface borders: is there a command to merge them?

I’m designing an airplane elevator.
I want to intersect the elevator with the fuselage.
Before I can do that, however, I need to satisfy Solid Inspector.
At the moment, it does not like the state of my part.
To get the part to this point, I…

  1. created the top half of the elevator,
  2. created a horizontal surface on which to align it,
  3. stuck the top half to the flat surface,
  4. used the scale tool to create a mirrored bottom half of the elevator,
  5. merged the top and bottom halves.
    How can I merge these edges?
    I hope the answer is not doing it manually, vertex by vertex.V2 2019 f.skp (1.8 MB)

If you look closely at the inner trailing edge of the aileron, you can see that you didn’t align the top and bottom parts before bringing them together, they are slightly askew. That’s what is causing the surface borders and internal face edges. If you saved an intermediate version of the file, the simplest thing might to be to go back and do it over. Otherwise because the geometry has already merged (and because the mis-match is a very narrow wedge) it may be hard to fix.