Surface Borders - How To Remove?

I routinely see these in my models (typically on the inside of a curve). They kill my solids. What causes these and can they be removed? I have turned on hidden geometry and tried to edit, but seems to cause more damage. Here is an example, the outside of the bend is perfect? Thanks for your help.

How are you generating these bends? It might help figure out what’s causing the issue.

Using FredoScale/Radial Bending. And I scale up the geometry (typically 100x). Hope this helps. This is the geometry (both sides), with the “Surface Borders” visible.

I started over from scratch, being very careful, but still cannot create a solid. The geometry looks better, but still has problems. I’m guessing that I am doing something wrong with Radial Bending. :anguished:

I changed the starting point from the outside to inside for the radial bending tool. No surface borders in this iteration. Also resulted in one interior face error, which SI2 readily corrected. Still a lot to learn about troubleshooting solids. Will call this part complete. :grinning: