Surface border Problem Help


Hello, I’ve been using SketchUp for about a year to design models for 3d printer.
I did not have any problem until yesterday when Surface Border problem started.

Even when I draw just a rectangle, when i use solid inspecter2, it keeps on saying surface border thingy.
I first ignored only to find out that objects with surface border problem do not get exported as stl file.

I never had this problem but now all of the sudden I can’t make any model at all. Not even a circle, line, rectangle, etc. Everything I draw gets surface border problem.
(I have checked every single one of them and none had open surface)

How do I fix this problem? Im using SketchUp Make 2017 on windows 10 64 bit


You are describing 2d geometry - this can never be solid !
Group the rectangle and select the group, Entity Info will not say it’s a solid, and SolidInspector2 will report a surface border issue.
Edit the group and PushPull the rectangle into a 3d form - then exit the edit and it’ll now report in Entity Info as ‘Solid’ and also be OK in SolidInspector2.

A manifold solid can only contain faces and edges and every edge must support exactly two faces, no more, no fewer.
A 2d rectangle has 4 edges and each one of those upports only 1 face [==non-solid].
An extruded 3d rectangle has 12 edges and each one of those supports 2 faces [==a solid].


I used UV polygen extension to create 2d Quadratic function graph, and then connect the ends to make a surface. Then I would draw a circle above it and use ‘follow me’ to make nose cone shape. It used to work and not it keeps on saying surface borders.

and also before i had this problem, even 2d geometries didn’t get surface border problems.

I dont know why all the sudden sketch up started acting unusual. (i sometimes got surface border problem b4 on 3d shapes too…)


How large are your objects? If they are small or have a lot of small edges, you may be getting surface borders where holes form because SketchUp erased an edge that is too small. Solid inspector 2 will highlight where it found the borders, and this will show you if small edges are the issue.