Surface Area Calculations of Specific Cardinal Directions


I am trying to calculate a window to wall ratio for specific cardinal directions, ie. N, S, E, and W. However I need separate areas calculated for each pointing direction. For example, in this file I have the colour green, which represents walls, and white representing windows. My issue is that I cannot simply select by colour since it will select the colour for the entire model. I need to be able to select all of the green that only points towards the north to know the total surface area for energy calculations.

I am hoping there may be an easy way to do this or possibly a plug-in that could assist me with this task as I have a hard time selecting sometimes a hundred windows facing the same direction without accidentally deselecting, never-mind how mindless it is as-well…

WindowWall Example.skp (1.8 MB)

I think you can use ThomThom’s Selection Toys to select only plane parallel faces.

This could also be achieved through some Ruby coding but that would be a little more work.

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paint the walls by orientation and use fredo tools to get a report on Areas by material. use backface “default” the report can be exported as CSV

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