SUP Pro 2021 Issues

I am having issues in my work flow when modelling in the latest Pro version. These are as follows:

  1. Renaming Tags - Normally double clicking on the tag allows changes to be made. Once modelling work proceeds, if I double click to change names on new layers, it won’t allow me to make them. This happens on some of the new layers and not all of them.

  2. Materials - Currently modelling a bungalow, the internal walls should all be one colour. I add a beige colour but SUP shows some of the wall surfaces as white even though colour picker sees them as beige. When I export the model to Lumion, it sees the white as a different colour too. See the SUP snap shot here.

Can anyone please advise? Thanks.

Are you using Use sun for shading (Shadow properties)?

If so then either untick that or adjust the Light and Dark values

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Have you checked your face orientation?

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Hi @paul.mcalenan. Thanks, that works fine.

Hi @Anssi. yes, thanks.

For the tag issue, saw the thread; [Can't rename tags (layers) in 2021 Pro - #21 by Box and colins response],

From an existing bug report I figured out that the problem occurs if you click further left than six characters from the end of the name. Click at ‘2’ in a name of ‘123456789’, and it’s likely to go wrong. Click at ‘p’ in ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstu’ and it is likely to work

How strange, works though.

Do you have the most current version of SU2021 installed? It doesn’t seem to matter where I click as long as it is within the Name column.

BTW, your profile says you are using SU2018. Perhaps you could update that and correct the graphics card while you’re here.

@DaveR Thanks mate; I’ll update my records :wink:

Yes, current version installed but I have to click on the last few letters of the named tag; some are ok but others aren’t. From the linked thread, it seems to be a bug but not good seeing that this is the most up-to-date version.

As you can see in my GIF, it’s not happening here. I’m using 2021.1.332. I can click anywhere on the tag name and edit it.

Here’s another example with a long tag name.

I wonder why you are seeing something different.

Do you have the very latest version? My recollection is that the fix was quite recent. What’s the version number in full?

Hi @john_mcclenahan John. Appears that I have an update to carry out. That’s sorted the issue. Many thanks.

Hi @DaveR - see final post. issue resolved. Thanks for your responses.