SUModelSaveToFileWithVersion has performance regression in version sketchup toolkit 21.0.339

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However, with the Release of SketchUp version 21 a new compressed archival format was introduced for SKP files.

From the SketchUp Application Release Notes:

Under the hood: a re-built .SKP

SketchUp 2021 brings to light a significant under-the-hood improvement: a re-build of the .SKP file format. You are likely to notice a significant reduction in file sizes when saving models to the new format, and we’re excited about additional workflow improvements this new file format will unlock going forward.

Soif your test is now saving in the new compressed archival version 21 format, then it is expected that the save process will take some amount more time than the older pre-21 non-compressed binary format.

I don’t know what the average is. 15% doesn’t sound like too much (to me.)

EDIT: Actually with your reported times, it appears to take 30% more time.