Sumele material question

Sketchup 2021’s scale figure-person is Sumele. Her dress is not a simple single material, I can separate it yellow face’s with holes, and individual blue circles:
Sumele snip

How was it made? (All those individual circles)

it is very simple : all the ‘circle’ boundaries have been hidden. go to edit > unhide > all to reveal them while editing the Sumele component

Okay, it has the outlining edges hidden. Why does the yellow face have holes? Perhaps so that it can be seen from both sides (although it is set to “Always Face Camera”).

Each blue face object appears to have been drawn separately. How was it drawn?


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The holes would have been drawn on the face, so you would need to group the faces and delete the holes for the yellow not to have holes. Apart from the extra work involved you would have created z-fighting between the blue and yellow.