Suggestion for improved display of node labels

Suggestion for improved display of node labels.
When a node is selected and expanded, the labels for all nodes disappear, including linked nodes. The fading of the other links is welcome with the yellow or blue coloring of the active links.
In the case of a fairly close link, the text on the link does not appear! Or else difficult to access if there is a significant link entanglement. And the labels of connected nodes are hidden.
I suggest you activate the labels of all the nodes connected to an active and expanded node.

What do you think ?


I agree with this. Personally, I would rather node labels always stay visible, and use highlights to indicate connections, and fades to reduce visibility non connected nodes.

This is great feedback!

We will look into making stubs on connections more present/visible during the times you’ve highlighted.

Regarding not being able to see the text on the connection on hover/selection, we are looking at alternative ways to present this, likely pills for output/input of the respective connection.