Suggestion and Improvement in select mouse, big figth

Hi people,

only have 2 option to use select mouse… 0 to 180, 180 to 0, i think good idea to 2 news movements, and it movement news… but good way only select parts nears… and not select faces.

for exemple, movement 90 to 270, only select vertex or lines, not select faces far.

select with mouse in sketch up 2016 is hard… oh my good.

today 0 to180 and 18 0to 0 are good.
but need news to 90 to 270 270 to 90 and not select face, only near, or only select vertex.

check video

get undestand ?

Before selecting, do:
View > Face Style > Wireframe

Then window select your edges. No faces will be selected.

-1 vote on creating complicated window directional conditional object selections.
(See it even sounds crazy complicated when I describe it?)

Yes… i check it, is true.

but need click in some buttons to arrive in the way… i think good function to improvement that i speak up. Will be more fast with function in mouse direct.

thanks by support.

You know, of course, that selecting with a window, if you drag the selection box from left to right, it selects only the objects that fall inside the box, and from right to left, everything that touches the box?


yes, i know… but need direction 90 to 270, 270 to 90 ° … need 2 functions news.