Suforyou Slice ruins the mesh

Suforyou Slice / detach cuts the component and generates 2 components well, but often copies edges from one to the other and alters the mesh with the effect of holes in the walls and the cut surface is not generated and will not be plane anymore.

It seems that if a cut is too close to an edge or a point Suforyou draws new edges and ruins the geometry.

  1. image shows how it should be
  2. shows stray edges (60 cm long)
  3. image shows detail before the cut
  4. image shows detail after the cut

After hours of repairing and many more to come I would like to know, if the extension is just not exact enough for this or is there anything I can do to avoid this or is there another tool for this? Thanks a lot for help!

Seems to me you should be directing your question to the extension developer.

Maybe you could share a SketchUp model where this problem occurs?

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… it is monstrous
Being new to this forum I my only post one image. I hope it is ok to do this in 4 separate posts?


Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Looks like excessive geometry in your screen shot.

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yes, but the stray lines are 60cm, so the size shouldn’t be a problem.

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ok, thank you. I will. I will have to prepare it first.

I skip #3 and here is anyhow# 4

@Cotty and @DaveR have pointed it out, too many tiny edges.

I think they aren’t to tiny, 60cm should be long enough.

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But what is the relative distance between vertices.

100 cm - 300 cm and even more

so here are two sections of the entire model:
20200319_tg.skp (2.5 MB)

As I said, it looks like there’s excessive geometry.
Screenshot - 3_19_2020 , 2_40_20 PM

You might try cleaning the model before trying to slice it.

I did several tests. This one I cleaned with meshlab. I need to keep the shape.
The image here is part of the attached file and it shows how suforyou changes the edge of the triangle on the left.

I cleaned with ThomThom’s CleanUp3. It doesn’t change the shape.

sorry no, I am not at all set on what is wrong – it is probably my English.

Thanks, yes I did try CleanUp3 before slicing but it ran all night and never stopped spinning then.
I will try again.

can you upload the stl?

for something as simple as this an extension may not be needed, and may give better results…


Thanks, Yes, I cut it in half and exported it to stl.
20200319_tg2.stl (1.8 MB)

can you not upload the full object that you imported?

I had assumed it was stl, but maybe it’s not…


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