Sudden Unexpected Problems Running SketchUp Make

I’ve had SU Make installed for some time and have used it almost daily. Today, when I tried to launch the app from a shortcut, I got a Bug Report Splat. I tried launching it from the Start panel with the same result. FWIW, I’ve had some other strange behavior in with my Firefox browser, too.

I’m trying to download a fresh copy of Make to install. Of course I will uninstall whatever is installed now. I’ve delayed doing so until I can get a fresh copy.

I’ve tried download sites suggested by duckduckgo using both Firefox and Brave. I cannot find a Trimble web page to try the download from. I can get to the Trimble site and even log in but I cannot find a Make version to download.

Can someone provide the official download site url? . . . or a url that works to download a copy of Make from?


There is no official download available for Make anymore.
The problem is more likely to be a windows update that screwed with your Graphic card Driver.
I would suggest you finish looking for your graphic card info, then go to the Manufacturers site and download the latest driver for it. Do not trust Windows to tell you you have the best driver for it.

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Thanks, Box!

I will revisit drivers especially for my graphics card.