hello, I tried the 30 days for free and now I’m afraid to pay the sketchup value when the deadline of the 30 days ends. Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to unsubscribe? And how to do it ? Thank you

Why are you afraid to pay for the subscription? Do you need to use SketchUp in your work?

If you haven’t purchased a subscription you don’t need to unsubscribe.

So the 30 days don’t count as a subscription?

That’s just a trial period.

Ok thank you for time.

general rule of thumb when using a trial version of a software.

if you’ve never given them your payment info, and actively paid for a subscription, there is a good chance that you won’t be subscribed.

unless you do that on mobile / tablet, where it’s a bit easier to subscribe to something without realising it (but trial versions on mobile apps are quite rare)

and even if it happens to you, you are likely covered bu retraction rights, depends in your country. I know that - in france - I am

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