Subscriptions again

Look what just dropped into my inbox:

Am I missing out on “the latest and greatest features”? I am on version 21.1.331 and still on my old Classic License.

As for “the top-notch Pro technical support”, I am glad to say that, largely due to this forum, I have never had to use it. But for those who try, quite a few seem to end up here saying they couldn’t get a response.

November tended to be the month that a new version was released, but unless I have not heard about it because I am not subscribed, SU 22 may be a way off yet. My intention was to hold off on subscribing until a new version was released and I could work out if it was worth making the move. I thought that would happen long since. People who took up the subs offer months ago must surely be kicking themselves - unless they have had to make copious use of the tech support maybe.

Have I missed something here?

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The release schedule has gotten far less consistent over the last couple of versions. November no longer seems to be the target…


Not yet Simon.

I’ll let you know when version 22 turns up… (and version 23)