Subscription Upgrade Failure

I have been trying to Upgrade my Classic 2020 License for 2 days now and the system either does not accept my login information, or shows a DNS error not allowing me to go further. I did get to the upgrade page via the Email announcing the changes, but it shows me paying he full price and not the 240.00 US for the upgrade… :frowning:

My License shows it is active via the Sketchup app, but when logging into my account via a browser it cannot find me or shows I have no License.

Very frustrating and in fear I will lose my Sketchup Pro upgrade path. It appears many are having similar problems and given the short window allowed to upgrade, the confusion, and IT problems I am hoping someone at Sketchup will read this and be able to help.

I have submitted a Support request and it was accepted Case Number: 10366134
Thank you,
Troy E. Parker

If you used a Sign in with Apple option, make sure not to have used the hide my email option. I see the support case as coming from your email, so I don’t think you are hiding the email address, unless you signed in to contact us in a different way than you signed in when trying to get the promotion.

To check on your current license you would go to this page, not the account management page:

You have support until November 25th, I would hold off on trying to migrate until then, and if doing it online continues to be a problem, it can be done over the phone.