Subscription Sketchup Pro

I actually have a problem with the payment, its shown declined but my SketchUp subscription shown active. so what meaning? Or its just normal with it? the billing gonna send by email?

@colin may be able to check this for you.

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thank you

Where are you located? Are you using a VPN?

It looks like you bought a Pro subscription then changed that to Studio, and also got another Studio subscription. Of the two, one is pending the closing of the Pro subscription, and that one is assigned to you. The other is active, but not assigned to anyone.

If your overall plan is to end up with two Studio subscriptions, you could go into the manage account page and assign the second seat to someone:

It seems unusual to have two subscriptions, but that may be a side affect of having gone via a Pro subscription. As the Pro subscription was disabled on the same day that the Studio subscription was started, the subscription is in a confused state, where you are on the same day still entitled to Pro, and also entitled to Studio. I think that tomorrow the Pro one will be closed and the Studio one will work.

If you really only needed one Studio subscription, you should contact support to have them refund the one that is currently waiting for Pro to be expired.

Hi, thank you for your response. Cause I don’t have experience of purchasing the sketchup subscription. It might take me to accidentally press the excess subscription. May I know if the payment status shown pending/ payment declined, does that mean all my subscriptions are not in valid?

thank you very much :heart:

Can you say how many subscriptions of what type you wanted to end up with? That would help me know what to suggest next.

I just wish to have one subscription which is SketchUp Studio only. Could you help to unsubscribe the other plans that I accidentally make?