Subscription ending - export advice

I taught Sketchup Pro in Jr High until the Covid hit. During the lockdown I have been designing a retirement home. My subscription ends in a few weeks and I cannot afford this product. I have been saving to pdf, but is there another file type I should be saving to that would allow editing? I have been teaching Sketchup for about 6 years and have much I would like to save. I have been using Sketchup Pro 2020 and purchased it through Creation Engine for teachers.

At the very least… Export all files to SketchUp 2017… and then download the 2017 version for use on your desktop.

This edition of SU will revert to the Free MAKE software… for use as long as you can keep it running… but don’t expect any updates to it.


Exporting to 2020 is better still, if you have that around as a perpetual license for yourself… but if it’s only through the school… and not available long term then consider 2017.

Thank you so very much. I will try it.

Here is a link to the older Downloads of SU:

Thank you. My version of 2020 was only for one year, it was not perpetual. But I just downloaded 2017 and am very grateful to you for this advice.

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I just went to one of my 2020 files, would you mind very much telling me how to export to 2017?

Just found it - Save As - sorry to have bothered you. Best Regards, Leandra


You can also open and edit all your files in the Free Web version.

You may also want to look into our K-12 Education Grants. In many places, grants are available for educators to use SketchUp Pro for free. You can use this site to see if a K-12 grant is available in your neck of the woods.

Thank you - I was very grateful to use the K-12 education licenses in my classroom lab for the entire 6 years I taught at the Jr High. Otherwise all of those kids would not have had the opportunity as HJHS is 98% free and reduced lunch with no extra money for software. The program is awesome!!! Creation Engine allowed me to use the program at home for only about $50. per year - It allowed me to create lessons, grade, and when we had to, teach from home after covid hit. I highly recommend it. After the 2019-2020 school year I retired due to Covid concerns and am no longer qualified for those programs. Thank you for your support of school kids everywhere.

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Thank you. I did have my students use the free web version after we were sent home during the pandemic. The difficulty is that larger files do not work well with the web version. My retirement home has countless tags and over 120 scenes. I think I am better off saving it as a 2017 file. I appreciate your taking the time to read my thread and contribute.