Subscription "demands"

I am beginning to be badgered to take up a subscription regularly by Trimble. But let’s be generous and call it a friendly reminder. Here’s the wording:

It says that I am missing out on the latest features but I don’t think I am yet. AFAIK I am on the “latest and greatest” version.

It also says that I no longer have technical support. That may be true but as I have never used technical support, I don’t really miss it. In part, that is because this forum is such a great resource.

I am meaning to “upgrade” in due course but it looks as if I can wait until December to do so. Not sure there is any advantage to committing earlier.


@simoncbevans Better to DO NOT SHOW your serial number to public!


You never need it until you need it ( crashed machines etc.) The Maintenance part could be seen as a discount to all new versions that you received in the past.

That said, this version will continue to be licensed.
(As long as you keep this system)

Maybe, you haven’t had a need for collaborate functionality or joining a BIM project, but sometimes it is wise to keep up with developments… :wink: