Subscription based extension? Is it possible?

Hi everyone! I’m considering becoming a developer for sketchup and I was wondering if a subscription based extension is possible to develop for SketchUp?

Thanks a lot in advance.

It may well be possible, but you’ll most likely get a bad reaction to subscription.
The last one that did it quickly changed his licensing model.
People generally won’t subscribe. They want to buy something they can keep.
Upgrades can be sold but don’t take away the original purchase.

@Box Thanks for you input and it makes a lot of sense considering that people buy an extension to work on whatever they are working for as long as they would like, which brings me to my next question: (I haven’t had a chance to read through all the dev. resources, yet) Is there any limitation on pricing? The extension that I have in mind, I think I would be a very powerful tool that could take months if not a lot longer to develop and the pricing could be very high. Could you share your thoughts about it?


The EULA for the end-user specifies: All Extensions are licensed, not sold.

And, optionally, governed by your own licensing agreement: […] unless the Extension is provided with a separate end user license agreement between you and the Developer, in which case that separate end user license agreement will govern your use of the Extension.

While I’ve never personally licensed or sold an extension, my understanding is that you can charge whatever you want. You can price it for $50,000 and only need one sale to show a decent profit. Or you could price it at $10 and license 5,000 copies. I think you need to work backwards and determine how much time and effort it will save a potential customer over a year and then price it slightly lower than that. Having a trial license period is handy because some people will try your extension and get hooked on it and gladly pay for a license to continue to use it. You, of course, run the risk of someone using it for only one project and never getting any compensation, but they would not have been likely to purchase it in the first place; again, this depends on the price.

Unfortunately, some folks seem to feel the irrational need to give their extensions away for free.

@jimhami42 Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. The reason I ask is because I want to be able to have different payment method to choose from. I understand that you could even sell your extension through a separate website if, as a developer, you choose to do so. I’m not sure, yet, how long it will take to develop the extension or if what I have in mind is supported/can be developed using the Ruby API.

Both you answers have been helpful. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: @Box @jimhami42