Subdivision Modifier for SU?

I used Blender 3D for several years and one of the tools I found very helpful was the Subdivision Modifier. With this Modifier enabled, your mesh was subdivided any number of times and slightly smoothed. What was interesting was that the lower poly base model acted as a control for the higher poly mesh. I was able to create several detailed meshes and smooth them relatively easily.

I don’t know if it is laziness on my part, but I work better with low poly meshes. I don’t know if it is SU or just my way of modeling but I tend to model low poly meshes each time. I think the Subdivision Modifier would help me make the jump to a more detailed mesh. I don’t know if SU has any plans for modifiers in the future, but it could be a great tool.

Here are some examples of recent creations I made in SU. If anyone has any recommendations for how to create higher poly models, please share. Thanks.

Everyone who will use your models will thank you. The SketchUp world is in a great need of quality low-poly content.

As to the question, Artisan and SubD are plugins that would probably do what you want.


Unlikely that SketchUp will natively support modifiers like subdivision in the future. Your best bet is one of these extensions.


I would guess that, too, Vertex Tools (by the author of SubD) would be handy in what you do.

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I use Artisan Toolset it’s similar to the SubD modifier in some ways. It’s harder in SketchUp as you can’t do loop cuts but you can get the effect manually.


Thanks! I had not considered posting models to the 3D Warehouse, but maybe I will in the future. I could make a line of low poly people. I will also look into the extensions you suggested. Thanks again.