SubD Website Reported as "unsafe"

I just went over to the SubD website and it’s been reported as “unsafe” for some reason. Maybe the work of trolls. I thought @thomthom should know… (or is it just an evil cookie, it’s off-putting if it is)

It could be just because it doesn’t have the new green lock security standard for websites.

Hmm… what browser are you using? I’m not seeing with with neither Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

The site uses HTTPS, so that’s not it. Even if it had been HTTP then there shouldn’t be such a warning page.

I see the screenshot says “Windows Defender SmartScreen”. So it must be Edge or Internet Explorer. I tried both and I don’t see the warning.

Does it give you more details if you click the “Unsafe website” field in the URL bar?

Sorry for the late reply my eyes had to sleep.

The browser is Edge, and no I don’t get the message on Safari on my iPhone. The Vertex Tools page loads fine it’s just the SUbD page that flags up. I reported it as safe yesterday, it’s still there at the moment.

windows 10, version 1809
microsoft edge 44.17763.1.0


Chrome and Firefox (PC), Chrome, Firefox Focus (Android) are OK.

Hm… could it be because I have the May update to Windows (1903) with newer Edge? (44.18362.1.0)

That being said, I’ve had issues with Windows Defender from time to time flagging the RBZ files for the extensions as potential thread. I’ve had to report them as false positives - where they then got fixed. But upon new uploads they’d get flagged again. Never found a good permanent solution to that as it’s impossible to get in contact with a human.

Might be something related to this, that the Windows Defender SmartScreen links to the same dataset that keeps giving false positives.

I tried looking for ways to submit reports of false positives, but the only instructions I got was to use the reporting links when you see the warnings. Which for me is impossible since I don’t see them… sigh

Can however see this screen report it as false positive please?

(At least Edge users are less than 5% of the visitors… but that’s still enough to cause me headaches…)

Yes the owner can report through there that it’s an error, but as you can’t see it renders the option useless.

So users cannot report it?

Does it give you an URL? If so, can you forward it to me?

I’m being confusing. Yes users can report it there are two options, one for user and one for owner.

I were meaning if the owner couldn’t get the link then it is useless for “you” to report it as the owner. But seen as though I can give you the link, that might help.

This is the link above: (EDIT That doesn’t work)

If right-click on “Report that this site does not contain threats” > View source

If left-click on “Report that this site does not contain threats”:

I only use edge to download another browser, then delete it…

For those of you who see this message, can you check if we have the latest Windows Defender updates? Their database if updated quite regularly via Windows Update.

Ah - I just did that myself, and now I see it as well… a recent update then.