SUbD - Any Good?

As per the title…

Would you recommend it? Is there something else?



It’s good for what it is designed to do. I wouldn’t recommend it for vacuuming out the car or doing a Sunday roast, though.

What is it that you are considering doing with SubD?


TBH? No idea.

Was looking at the fan blade modelling on the other thread down there and thought it looked interesting.

What fan blade modeling?

Well, for things like that it’s definitely good.


To use it effectively you need to learn about rough modeling using quads, which are central to its operation. The accompanying quad tools extension is very helpful for that. If you understand that it basically works by “inflating” your geometry to make it rounder, subD is quite effective for creating smooth shapes.


You may be underestimating @thomthom 's skills. He surely could at least find a way to make the Sunday roast be more rounded.

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Maybe if it was dyrestek or lutefisk. :smiley: