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SUalive not only animates camera but any group or component can move and rotate and scale or else follow any path you draw in your model. All these actions at the same time. SUalive knows about nested groups and components which have their own life. SUalive exports the right number of frames per second for smooth standalone video with constant flow.

You can fully manage your animation frame one after another through the API allowing for rendering and more broadly any extension you would like to plug or else any ruby code you may develop for.

Help and training videos - 6 clips about 30 minutes - from toolbar left button or key.

Please visit http://www.SUalive.com about Download and Snapshots and QuickStart and API and available versions.
You may also download SUalive Free from SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Français : SUalive n’anime pas uniquement la caméra mais déplace, pivote et redimensionne tous les groupes et composants qui peuvent aussi suivre un chemin tracé dans votre modèle et ce simultanément. SUalive reconnaît les groupes et composants imbriqués qui ont leur propre vie. SUalive exporte le nombre requis d’images par seconde afin d’obtenir des vidéos fluides à débit constant.

Vous pouvez piloter votre animation image par image grace à l’API. Render extensions et plus généralement tout plugin peut y être branché. Bien entendu vous pouvez aussi développer vos propres scripts.

Aide et videos de formation en cliquant sur le premier bouton de la barre d’outils ou par la touche

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We are pleased to announce SUalive Free is now cross-platform - Windows or Mac Osx.

Thanks to Helen and Hugh, Vincent and some others for the time. That Osx very first version also owns a debt to John ( @john_drivenupthewall ) for his welcome and wise advices and the nice way he offers to test SUalive user interface.
I would like to tell you nothing would have been possible without your great help. It’s an honour for me to have met such friendly people.
If there is anything I can do for you, it will be a pleasure.

Have a good week-end

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SUalive Free 2.40 just under review…

  • Replay slider on top window also allows rendering any frame.
  • Online help available from SUalive help menu
  • website help tab QuickTour shows tuto and a tenth of videos from SUalive Full
  • No longer use .rbs files
  • SketchUp 2018pro

SUalive Light and Full release on January 31.

Feel free for any question.
Have a good day

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