SUalive 123

hi all, thanks for allowing me to join and welcoming me to the group; thanks for the help so far also. now i am just trying to learn sualive… but, i am struggling with the camera tab because when i follow this sualive demo link: i see that when the user selects the camera tab they are able to update but i am not able to update anything… also, when i try to get help from the sualive website, there is no page…

appreciate any help anyone can offer as always, thanks

I don’t use it but I watched the video you linked to. I don’t see that the user is updating a scene with the extension. It looks to me as if they are creating two camera positions and then making SketchUp interpolate between them.

Have you gone through their help files on their website?

I haven’t seen any posts from @SUalive for quite awhile now…

it may have been abandoned?


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ok john, thanks for the info.

thanks Dave, yes that’s what it looks like to me as well but when i open the camera tab, i cannot update anything so i thought i was missing a step somewhere. thanks for the link. i did try to open the page several times and for some reason it wouldn’t open but your link is working, thanks!

very tempting to rephrase…


It is not alive, anymore! :slight_smile:

on the right track then…

can you recommend something else Mike if this is not appropriate?

thanks, john

fredo6 has an animation extension:
note that you will have to install the library, too:

Fredo6’s Animator has been suggested to you before and I showed you how to do it with the native Camera tools.

thanks for the advice. strange really that such a program like sualive would just become unsupported tho. hey ho…

I don’t know. Fairly limited user base and most likely not enough takers at the $299 level to make it worth the author’s time to continue supporting it.

ok, i see what you mean. thanks again Dave and all for the advice. it’s all a steep learning curve but still enjoying learning something new…

thanks MIke for taking the time to help, john