SU217 Blank License screen

Unable to display “learn” or “License” tabs in initial screen. Consequnetly cannot add license key. This is a fresh Win10 image with latest updates. Same install package works fine on other WIN10 images. Installed as admin and re-occurs under different user profiles. Re-installed, cleaned reg, cleaned temp, tested with other Win10 (good).

checkup ran successfully…



Just logged in as user with administrative rights? Or using R-click “Run AS Administrator”?

It does need to be the latter.

If you did it already, then I don’t know what else to suggest, except perhaps some graphics card or driver issue.

Did you had an installation prior to the update on that machine? Make/Pro
The screens you are refering to are browser-dependent, selecting a template works?
Does clearing the caches solve anything ?

I took the easy out and ran a bare metal restore to work around the issue. It has installed successfully.
I agree it that it’s likely to do with the browser and may have been caused by a failed Firefox install.

SU uses the OS browser and the more recent versions of SU (I think that includes SU17) is bundled with Chrome, but even those versions still use the OS browser (IE and Safari).

Having Firefox as default browser has no effect on SU. Keep OS browser updated and maintained (like clearing the cache files) even though you don’t use it as a browser.

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