SU2024 and Cursor hotspot

Has something changed in a way we specify hotspot for cursors in SU 2024?

I clearly see that the coordinates that were fine with SVG in Windows in SU2023 do not work same in SU2024. It looks like they hot-spot is being ignored and cursor picks object at 0,0.

It looks from now on they are specified in the SVG units, which make sense.
The existing SU2023 coordinates were too small resulting in close to 0,0 hot spot or other way round the SVG size was way too large.

This difference should land in Ruby API doc.

You will have a little more chance to get it done, if you report it here (actually there is another chance that someone already reported it…) :

I already reported it in the GitHub issues tracker. It failed on an Svg I had been using for years.

The issue is: