SU2020 - Again why do SU and Layout to connect to facebook

Why need SU and Layout to connect to facebook and other garbage?

Can you be more specific? I don’t understand your issue.

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I had noticed that a while ago. It could be that SketchUp was checking an IP address that now is in the Facebook range. When I asked about it nobody could think of a reason that SketchUp would check, but it does.

Fortunately, it doesn’t any more, you would need to be using 2018 or earlier to see that query happening.

could you be a bit more clear on this. There might be one or two strange people out there who would like a definitive answer, sorry I think I need a cookie or I might wander off into vague.

a clean SU 2020 with no extra plugins

The specific IP adres is catched by Little Snitch and my firewall, and two of the IP adresses is from facebook.

Also other known IP collectors are showing up during the (first ) start up.
Isn’t this an equivalent of selling users?

I’ve wondered that too. For those not familiar, Little Snitch is a Mac application that lets you see and control all the internet connections on your machine. I’ve noticed SketchUp as possibly the chattiest app I have, and wondered about a lot of these connections myself.

This is rather disturbing… giving Trimble the benifit of doubt (not that we should necessarily), could another program be hijacking SU to use the internet???

quite a few commercial extensions use frameworks that exploit the ‘user acceptance’ of terms without reading them…


I know, but this is a clean install.