SU2017 uninstalled from Windows automatically


Since two weeks SU2017 ‘disappear / uninstalled’ automatically from the computer. It happens ad random and when it happens I have to re-install SU2017 again. I have no clue how this is happening. Anyone thoughts about this?


is it home or work computer? Standalone or part of Domain?

There is no magic, things don’t disapear on their own. But can be removed by policies, administrators, hackers, kids etc.


Magic or not it is happened and still happening. But it is a work computer and part of a domain. What I do know now is this happening to some of my collegues too while working on SU2017, after installing SU2018 (with license) the problem was solved. This should not be the solution so I am still looking for some information about this. Our IT is also into it.


Perhaps it’s due to incorrect installation of SketchUp and the IT department re-imaging drives automatically at night. The uninstaller will not just run on its own it has to be told to uninstall.

Check this: Are the files in User/App Data/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017 also getting removed?


I suppose this is the key. Have you contacted your IT department about this? As it is most likely that the reason is on their side and SketchUp itself has nothing to do with it. (e.g. they may restrict usage of certain software through policies or push/delete via SCCM)


Will let IT look into it and keep you informed.