SU2017 freezes when using two screens

Sketchup 2017 Pro started behaving bad (freezes at startup etc.). After fiddling with it, deinstalling, reinstaliing I found out that the freezing was related to my dual monitor setup. When I stop extended view to a second screen SU2017 behaves normal. With second monitor active SU2017 freezes.
What can I do about this?

I run SU2017 on a ROG Asus G752VY notebook, Core i7 6820HK CPU, 64GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 980M-8GB graphics card, Bootdrive: 2x Samsung M2 950 Pro SSD (512GB) in a RAID0 setup, Storage: Samsung SATA 850 Pro SSD (2TB), Notebook screen: LG Philips 17.3" 16:9 1920x1080 128 ppi. second screen: Dell S2340T 1920 x 1080 96 ppi connected via DisplayPort.

Thanks in advance for helping out.

Is your Nvidia driver up to date?
Is SketchUp set to use the Nvidia graphics in the 3D application settings of the Nvidia control panel? (Automatic selection doesn’t work!)
How are you connecting the external monitor? Docks or adapters sometimes produce weird results.

a dual-monitor setup tends to create problems with 3D modelers as e.g. SketchUp because issues with the accelerated 3D display output based on OpenGL which is a system requirement of SU.

Configure the external monitor to be the Windows primary display #1 and avoid spanning the SketchUp window incl. dialogs over both desktops, i.e. stay on the primary display. Configuring the secondary display to be at the left side of the primary display may cause problems too because of negative screen coordinates then.

How exactly is it freezing?
Could it be that it is appearing to freeze when you do something that activates a Dialog and that dialog is opening off screen?

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