SU2016 New videos & tutorials..!



To all,

I remember seeing the first video tutorials when SketchUP was initially released many years ago, this alone had me hooked & purchased it on the back of that. The video tutorials I feel of late have been…well a little dated on the SU website, some still with the “GOOGLE” badge.

Therefore can SU HQ confirm if these will be anytime soon updated & include all the updates in SU2016…? All videos would be handy in one place or at least an obvious link by the way.

Also, this may be an age thing from my point of view, but has the text colour on the new 2016 website pull down menus & other places changed to be rather… tooooo light. It would assist to be a tad darker or less wispy font type for us oldies… :frowning:

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Hi Clayton,

It’s always great to see folks visiting and using the videos and willing to offer the feedback. The videos we have uploaded are in a constant state of consideration by our video team and they do regularly try to make updates. There is an unfortunate thorn in using YouTube in that they won’t let you simply update video… if we make a new video we have to upload a new video and break all of the links across the whole internet that go to the old video. It can be a mess.

We try to leave popular videos, and especially videos that are still relevant up as long as possible before jumping through the hoops of recording a whole new video and dealing with the mess of re-linking. For example, Push/Pull hasn’t really changed in a long time… to remove the old video because it says Google even though it’s still technically 100% accurate is something we leave for downtime when we’re free from other projects.

I can’t speak wholly for @TysonK or @MattR who make these decisions, and I don’t know what they have in the hopper right now but I do know they’ve been spending the past couple of months on videos that are specific to new functionality in SketchUp 2016 or new content elsewhere on our sites. On top of that they also spend their time on marketing videos or the Marketing team (we gotta pay the bills after all.)

Sorry for a long winded response, I just wanted to give some perspective on why every video isn’t updated for the new version each time one comes out. We need a bigger (much bigger) team to be able to re-build every video every year. I think my biggest complaint is that YouTube won’t let us just swap videos when there is new content to be had. )c:


Thanks Jody, your reply is spot on. If you have specific examples Clayton, we are always open to suggestions, for now most of the videos with any Google branding should be removed, we know of a few hold-outs, such as the SU to CAD videos, which are on our list to update but fall behind a few other priorities as the information is still valid even if the branding is off.



Hi Jody & Tyson,

I think it is essential to keep this updated with timely new releases, not necessarily for long term users such as me, but for new perspective users. Albeit us experienced users will still need to visually see how new/updated tools are used.

The entanglement you appear to be in as far as YOUTUBE is concerned I can’t really comment on, but don’t accept this should be an overriding obstacle.

However good the GOOGLE badged videos are, these do have to be sent to the circular filing cabinet, as gives a rather poor impression of a companies commitment to firmly stamp their own badge on it’s new ownership. The “not broken don’t fix” attitude is a dated thought process in my opinion & shows weakness.

Trimble clearly gives the impression it’s a large company, so I would have thought this task should be fairly easy to achieve with the resources it has. In this regard, a well structured path of good thought out videos would then only need to be updated when a new release is issued to the public. Unfortunately how they’re presented currently on your webpage isn’t very inspiring to the eye.

The only well structure path of videos I’ve seen for SketchUP were produced by Aidan Chopra - under the banner of SketchUP for Dummies. A little old now, but well supported by text content.

I would suggest this is where the baton should be picked up from.

Just my opinion…:video_camera::smile:

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